Why doesn’t the site sell? Probable causes.

Often, many business owners who have a website ask, “Why doesn’t the site sell?” There are many answers. However, to find them, it is necessary to audit the site and find out what the problem is.

As a rule, the audit refers to a specific procedure by which the organization of the project is checked and evaluated. It is best to outsource this work to a professional evaluator since the future work of your resource depends on the audit. The specialist will perform a full analysis of all the parameters and point out the existing shortcomings.

For the site owner, auditing is interesting as diagnostics and troubleshooting. It will not be superfluous to hear the recommendations of specialists on how to increase the attendance and efficiency of your resource. There is even a certain classification of audits – by type of problem.

What problems do webmasters and site owners encounter?

First, you need to understand that a website that acts as a sales resource is a business tool. It interacts directly with visitors. If we are talking about online media or online services, they are active contributors to a particular task.

The web is dominated by online stores and corporate offices, which play a communicative role, concentrating on active customers – users. As a rule, the sales site has semantic content, design and carries a certain aesthetics. Sales problems often arise because these criteria are not sufficiently developed. Also, there are technological and marketing issues that need to be addressed.

From time to time it is necessary to audit the usability of the site, but this only applies to product sites. This operation will help you avoid sales problems.

What to do if the site has impeccable content?

There may be a problem with hosting due to restart and low security. This leads to the fact that an intrusive advertisement appears on the site or the site is slow loading. The improper layout also creates various problems. To understand cause and effect relationships, it is necessary to understand audit typologies.

⦁ Marketing audit shows the effectiveness and formulation of the problem.
⦁ UX Audit or Usability – Evaluates the use of one product by different target audiences. The goal is to make recommendations for improvement and understand why the site is not for sale.
⦁ Content Audit – reveals a lack of strategy.
⦁ SEO analysis – responsible for filling the site.

First, you need to find out what kind of audit you need. As a rule, in 90% of cases, poor sales on the site depend precisely on the occurrence of technical errors, so you need to contact a professional who can solve the problems that have arisen.