Internet Marketing – Concept and Essence

What is Internet Marketing? The Internet today is a global environment for the realization of all marketing points of marketing, which include:

• Product – a product or service to be sold;
• Price – forming and maintaining a competitive selling price of goods and services;
• Place – the point of sale of goods and services that internet marketers use for this purpose;
• Promotion – methods and schemes that promote a product or service whose primary purpose is to formulate a positive view of a product proposal, as well as its visibility among other similar products.

As all entrepreneurs want as many people as they know about their products, they are increasingly interested in advertising and selling on the Internet.

SEO, contextual advertising, copywriting, viral texts, video, web analytics – these are all parts of a single internet marketing tool. Those who want to move their business offline to online need to know the purpose of internet marketing and why it is needed.

The Internet has become not just a place to send and receive information, but also a vast sales site with all the ensuing factors. Online sales allow you to quickly achieve high conversion rates, transfer visitors to the online resource to real buyers of real products.

In addition to brands and products on the Internet, information, services, ideas are being promoted, in a word, anything that can bring revenue to those who created all of this.
Web marketing experts divide internet marketing into 4 components. These are the main components for any type of marketing, so they must be known.

⦁ First, the business strategy for going online must be defined;
⦁ It is then necessary to obtain human traffic, which over time should become real buyers .;
⦁ All information from the resource must be collected and analyzed to understand what people like, why they leave the site and buy nothing, and in line with the data to improve the sales resource;
⦁ Marketing tools, such as a loyalty program, bonus system or discounts, are used to return the customer to the resource.

Some Internet marketers in a separate component separate the work of the site, its optimization, others believe that the main task of the Internet marketer is to increase sales through the Internet, ie, it should be concerned with increasing human traffic, to prepare the potential customer for the future purchase, sale of the product and attract customers to follow-up transactions through marketing moves.

In addition to knowing the various tools that help to promote a product effectively and conduct a PR campaign, an Internet marketer must have excellent analytical thinking. He must be able to collect all the data received from the (potential) buyer, analyze them (he must understand and explain the data obtained in the actions performed) and use them in further actions.

Definitions differ because everyone has their priority. This problem is particularly prevalent in large companies, wherein marketing sales, a large team is involved in which each of its members has a range of responsibilities, but as a result, they work together to achieve their goals.

Therefore, it is better to treat all Internet marketing points in a comprehensive way rather than as separate tools.