How To Start A Career In Digital Marketing

This article is for those who are interested in digital marketing and want to start a career in it.

⦁ You have your website and you understand that you need to attract an audience to it. There are many channels and types of marketing – what to choose? How to act properly?
⦁ If you have a clear plan of action – what you will do for at least the next two months – then this is your digital strategy. And if you have planned all this, then you are a digital strategist.
⦁ If you’ve planned everything for you and done everything, then you’re a digital executive.
⦁ If you only perform part of the work, then your profession will be named as follows:
⦁ Copywriter – write texts and develop creative concepts.
⦁ SEO Specialist – Promote your site in search engines. If your job is just to find links to third party resources for your projects, you are LinkBuilder.
⦁ SMM Manager – work with an audience on social networks.
⦁ ORM Manager (Online Reputation Management) – work with users in third-party forums and resources. Take care of the good reputation of the company on the web.
⦁ CPC Specialist – Run cost-per-click ads. If you buy ads for different models, then you are a media creator.
⦁ Mobile App Marketer – Mobile app promotion.
⦁ Affiliate or Affiliate Program Manager – Promote products through your affiliate program.
⦁ Email Marketer – Prepare and send emails to your audience.
⦁ If you do little by little for a company from strategy to analytics – then you’re an online marketer. If you do the same but for your sites and your revenue – then you are a webmaster.

In essence, these are the major, not all majors in digital marketing. Most companies are looking for specialists for these positions, so we focus on them.

To learn effectively, there are three rules to remember:

You have to like it. Whatever your salary – watch and learn. You work in this market and you need to learn daily, turn this process into pleasure, not a pain.

I’ll go to the courses – let them teach me. Yes, but it won’t be enough. You should also practice and continue your self-study.

In the market, the same position may have a completely different functionality. This is because the market is young enough and not yet classified. Also, the account manager at an ad agency performs completely different functions from that of a food company because of the specifics of the company itself. You have to remember – look not at the job but the job.