How different types of marketing appear

The types of marketing are different, but they all have one purpose, increasing the profitability and revenue of the company.

When the internet was gaining popularity and the main traffic was only a few dozen sites, the first advertisers appeared, ready to place their ads on these sites.

The cognitive resource site has become a money-making resource. The greater the presence of this site, the more money it brings. That is why the owners of such online resources are beginning to think about how they can attract more people.

The first thing that could be done was to exchange banners with other sites and get each other from one site to another. The brighter and more interesting the banner was, the more likely the customer was to click on it and visit the site. But if you are not a big player, the big players are not interested in exchanging banners with you, so you could only buy an ad slot. This is how classic media ads appear when paid for the month of publication or every 1000 visits to a foreign site.

If your advertising budget is low, then you can offer these big sites another option. You will not pay to advertise your product, but you are ready to give 30% of the revenue to every customer they bring to you – that’s how affiliate marketing comes into play when you get paid for a result.

The better the materials on your site, the greater the chance that the customer will come back to you once more – so content marketing will appear.

If you decide to build not just a website, but a genuine online service, shop or large media platform, there are many things to consider: being comfortable for the user, how he or she will pay, what will be on his account, how he can contact you etc. This is how product marketing begins to develop.

If you receive a visitor email, you can periodically send emails to him and remind him of yourself. Also, by email, you can offer new products, discounts and more. Email marketing is needed to increase the effectiveness of email communication.

In 1998, Google emerged, quickly gaining popularity. Now users are not searching through links or directories, but have started using search engines. Website owners have realized that to be successful they must be in the first search results – and this is already the task of SEO promotion.

In 2004, Facebook emerged and other social networks were gaining popularity. The task of site owners has become even more complicated – now they need to attract an audience from social networks – so social media marketing has come up, in a simple social media marketing way.

Technologies are not fixed, you can connect to the Internet via a mobile phone. There are special apps and you need to think about how to reach your audience through them – so mobile marketing has emerged.
Here, in a nutshell, are the different types of marketing that you should be at least a little familiar with if you have your website or online store.